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About Training


Our Dog Training Programs include a Pre-Training Assessment, Basic and Advanced Obedience Training and Behavior Modification.  Through a series of private one-on-one sessions, dog owners will gain extensive leadership, training and problem solving skills.  In most cases, sessions are conducted inside and outside the client's residence.  These carefully designed programs are geared toward establishing the owner as the leader while the dog learns to trust and respect the leader and respond to a variety of commands.  The training process will serve to create a mutually rewarding relationship between the dog and owner.  Training can be fun!  We strive to keep our sessions upbeat and interesting so they can be fun for you and your dog!


Basic and Advanced Obedience training covers heel, heel /sit, stay, down, come, distance and distraction training and more.  Distance work using hand cues and a 15' leash will be covered.  Behavioral issues such as housebreaking, jumping, excessive barking, biting, destructive chewing, digging and other undesirable behaviors will be addressed throughout each of the training programs.  The owner will learn simple problem solving and prevention exercises to remedy these issues.  

Dogs and people are all unique, and certain training techniques may work better than others in a given set of circumstances.  Therefore, training sessions will be tailored to suit each unique situation.  The focus is always on achieving a rewarding relationship between an educated and experienced owner and a well trained and well behaved dog through patience, persistence, and practice.

The trainer's commitment to the trainer/client relationship is to be available for progress reports and to help when questions arise.  Clients are encouraged to stay in touch, if they choose, via telephone, email or text.

Discounted Training Rates

Angel Paw would like to extend our gratitude to those who have adopted their dogs from A New Chance Animal Rescue by offering special discounted rates for dog training.  To qualify, you need only show proof of adoption.  These special rates apply to the Puppy Basics, Standard and Standard Plus programs.

For more information about our dog training services visit Our Programs or feel free to phone or email.

Pet Sitter Referrals

If you have been through a training program with Angel Paw Dog Training, we may be able to provide pet sitting services.  Please call for information.  If you have not been through a training program with Angel Paw Dog Training, and would like to find a local pet sitter for dog walking, house visits or boarding, we recommend the following pet sitters.

Julie: (914) 906-8414 cell, (914) 935-0515

Karen Miletic:  (914) 659-1551

Shelly Abramowitz: (914) 329-3307, (914) 937-7096

Carol Sumpf:  (914) 806-5791 - house visits and dog walking only

We recommend that you schedule an initial visit to meet the pet sitter, learn about their services, and explain both your needs and the needs of your pet.  The initial visit gives you and the pet sitter the opportunity to interview each other.  You should be comfortable with the way your pet sitter interacts with your pet.  You should also be comfortable with either having the pet sitter in your home or leaving your pet at the sitter's home.

Please notify Doreen if you were not satisfied with any services provided by the pet sitters listed above. 


Doreen Rossi
Certified Master Dog Trainer
Canine Consultant & Behaviorist
AKC Canine Good Citizen - Approved Evaluator
White Plains, NY   (914) 924-3161    

Serving Westchester County and surrounding areas